Electronic Cigarettes Holding was established in 2012 and since then we’ve been working on developing the most innovative e-cigarettes on the market.

Our e-cigarettes look, feel and taste like a real cigarettes, but without all the dangerous side effects of burning tobacco. At Electronic Cigarettes Holding we’re dedicated to providing the millions of smokers around the world a better and above all, safer alternative to combustible tobacco.

EC Holding is a rapidly growing, independent e-cigarette company, and we own top-selling brands as DanSmoke® and many more. The company has customers in 15 European countries.

We pride ourselves with offering our customers an impressive product portfolio, which demonstrates not only the highest quality, but also the very latest innovation.

Leading the way to Success

Electronic Cigarettes Holding is a great success story by any measure. The history of ECE has been in the making for 3 years, during which time it has rapidly evolved from an innovative startup firm in 2012 to its position today as a global leader in the e-cigarettes industry. Initially a Danish company, ECE was established by a group of forward-looking partners, dedicated to providing a better and, above all, healthier alternative to traditional cigarettes.

A look back


The history of ECE starts here with the launch of the first ever DanSmoke online shop in Denmark. This is also when the whole concept of smoking is dramatically redefined. Not before long, DanSmoke is the thing on everyone’s lips (literally speaking). A unique auto ship program is introduced, allowing customers to get their e-cigarettes and filters delivered directly to their doorstep – without any fuss or hassle.

The DanSmoke movement is beginning to gain momentum, as more and more smokers choose to switch from traditional cigarettes to e-cigarettes. In November, DanSmoke achieves a milestone in its short history, by reaching the magical 1000 customer mark. Two more countries are added to the list of countries covered: Norway and Sweden. The e-cigarette revolution is now a reality.


In the summer, ECE expands its business even further and opens up more DanSmoke online shops, this time in the Netherlands and Germany. As the demand for e-cigarettes skyrocket, the company continues to build out its business in the north and central European region - consequently, DanSmoke is launched in Finland in August, quickly followed by Austria in November.


The ECE and DanSmoke saga continues. To cater to the growing demand for an efficient alternative to traditional cigarettes, DanSmoke online shops are introduced in Switzerland, Belgium, and France. Meanwhile, the DanSmoke flavor family is extended with a number of exotic and exciting new tastes to complement the more traditional tobacco flavors. Chocolate Mousse or Peach Party, anyone?

The growth of the business is rapidly accelerating, with new shops opening also in Italy, Poland, the Czech Republic and Spain. A disposable e-cigarette brand, OntheGo is also added to the product range – much to the delight of those e-cigarette users who don’t want to be tied down to a charger. Moreover, ECE goes ahead and introduces a new, Scandinavian-inspired brand - NorSmoke - exclusively for the Norwegian market. The company now has a customer base of more than 60 000 across Europe.

A quick look at the financial numbers says it all - ECE is now, without any doubt, the leading e-cigarette company in Europe.


ECE kicks off the New Year in a big way, with the launch of SmokeUS, a high quality new e-cigarette brand, particularly designed to pay homage to the American way of life. Since the beginning of February, also the Portuguese can enjoy the popular products of DanSmoke.

The company's strategy to introduce new trademarks to complement the DanSmoke-portfolio has reinforced ECE position as a market leader and reflects the organization’s further growth and broadened set of capabilities.

Where can you find our brands?

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