The opportunity to do well by providing something good

There’s definitely no shortage of promising and interesting companies in which you could invest your money, time and resources. Yet, investors often have to wait years to see a return on new, innovative technologies and products. However, Electronic Cigarettes Holding offers an unique opportunity for investors who want to take part in a business that already enjoys the confidence of current investors and has a Board of Directors that demonstrates effective strategic involvement.

The value proposition of Electronic Cigarettes Holding lies in the cutting-edge science behind the various e-cigarette products. EC Holding has reached many critical milestones, including growing its business in nearly 20 European countries and consistently showing superior profitability and compelling cash flow.

We take great pride in our ability to exceed the expectations of our investors. This we’ll achieve through:

  • Lean operations and outstanding financial management
  • Credibility and consistency in communication
  • Accessibility and engagement

Please don’t hesitate to contact us – we would be pleased to have you accompany us on our journey towards continued success.


Robin Roy Krigslund-Hansen

Chief Executive Officer
Electronic Cigarettes Holding AG