Our e-cigarettes look, feel and taste like real cigarettes, but without all the dangerous side effects of burning tobacco. At Electronic Cigarettes Holding we’re dedicated to providing the millions of smokers around the world a better and above all, safer alternative to combustible tobacco.

Therefore, we offer a wide variety of products, including accessories and starter kits to help smokers switch from tobacco to e-cigarettes. We also provide different packages, set to fit the differing needs of our customers.

All our products sport a sleek, black design with a glowing blue LED tip – but if you want to lighten up your day with something a bit different, we also have e-cigarettes with burning red, pink, white and green tips. With more than 20 different flavors to choose from, there’s sure to be something for everyone’s liking. Our selection includes everything from classic tastes like US Original and Royal Scandinavian to more exotic flavors like Cherry Kiss and Peach Party.

Additionally, we offer special filters exclusively for certain countries, like Plaisir for the Swiss market or Gallia for the French market.

However, for those who don’t feel like playing around with batteries and chargers, we have another alternative – OnTheGo. This disposable e-cig is ready to use, as soon as you’ve unwrapped it. It’s great for travelling or a night out, while you don’t need to worry about changing the filter or losing battery power. And once you’re done smoking, you just throw it away. Like our other e-cigarettes, OnTheGo is available in many delicious flavors.

R & D

The e-cigarette market is constantly changing – new technologies are introduced at a rapid pace, including new product designs, filters and batteries.

However, we’re at the forefront of this development. We use a vast amount of resources to keep us up-to-date with the very latest research findings and to develop our products accordingly. We’re not satisfied until we are confident our product is the best of its kind anywhere in the world.

Moreover, we collaborate with companies in the UK, Switzerland, China and Hong Kong to ensure we’re conducting multi-faceted research and staying one step ahead of our competitors. However, we don’t limit our research efforts to e-cigarettes only, but we also seek to develop even better flavors and ingredients